Foundation of companies

We help our clients to understand what kind of company is convenient for their needs considering the applicable tax regulations and business law perspective. With our experience in compliance we assist to open the bank account of the newco.  Hungary has created a business friendly environment for Hungarian and foreign investors. The authorities and the courts work in an efficient and speedy manner and the taxation is business friendly with European standard. The most popular business associations are limited liability company (Kft.) and corporation. (Zrt.) All company documents prepared by us are bilingual in case the client is not domestic.


Changing the managing director or board members, change of members or shareholders, change of seat, change of the activities, etc. – we prepare all documents and we file the change registration request at the company court.

Capital increase

In case of a limited liability company or a corporation we arrange the capital increase necessary to cover the losses or for any other reason with the contribution of a claim, assets or liquidity.

Capital decrease

We assist during the capital decrease necessary to cover the losses or to withdraw capital.

Winding up

In case the shareholder’s meeting decides  the voluntary winding up we follow the whole process till the cancellation of the company.

Inter company litigation

We have experience in judicial rewiev proceedings, in challenging decisions of the shareholder’s meeting or decrees of the company court registering modifications. 

The secrets of our success


The professional standard of a law office may only be guaranteed by continuous learnig. Our collagues gained LLM degrees at leading universities such as UC Berkeley, University of London, King’s College, ELTE and they also partecipated in special courses as insolvency law and tax law.


In our office, a special law firm management software ensures accurate and reliable operations. Through complex transactions and challenging litigation, we have gained valuable experience that helps us to find optimal solutions for our clients.


Professional secrets remain within the walls of our office. Attorney client privilege is a fundamental building stone of our firm.


The key to survival is adaptation. During our 25+ years we had to adapt to several fundamental reforms of the Hungarian legal system, even to economic crisis, booms, and the changing of needs of our clients. We have always tried to be faster and more flexible than our competitors.

Client friendly attitude

Client satisfaction is the most important for us: we believe in continuous and correct communication. We always try to give prompt answers; we work with an eye on the client’s interest considering what is the best professional solution.

Multilingual team

Our team members use English and Italian at a high professional level. Several of us have worked or studied in the US or Italy. We use these languages on daily basis and we understand the mentality of our clients too.

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